Over 8 years I'm using Java Swing and Java Core to professionally design and program rich client and desktop applications, their UIs and business logic. Also I created several websites, performed usability, functional and automated testing of websites and desktop apps.

My primary tools are Java SE, Swing, JavaFX, AWT and Java 2D, JGoodies libraries, SwingX, JXLayer, Swing Application Framework, Swing Worker, IDEA, NetBeans, JFormDesigner, TestNG, FEST, JUnit and HtmlUnit, Maven, Ant, Subversion, Git, NSIS, Advanced Installer, ProGuard, LimeLM, wyUpdate, etc.

Professional Java Swing Developer - Max PidkovaI do my best to write effective Java 6 and Java 8 code, have comprehension in OO patterns and software best practices including information hiding, separation of concerns, reuse, and etc. Own quality oriented mindset and good taste. Several years ago I launched my own (one Java and one .NET) 2 software products that you may find at cnet.com.


See screenshots of my recent and best Java Swing apps, setup packages and websites below.

  • Rich client Java Swing app for mobile testing
  • Flight support app developed on Java Swing, SwingX,
BSAF, JGoodies
  • Desktop Java Swing program for finance traders
  • Swing JTable used in the audio tracks client app
  • License key activation (DRM) for Java Swing dekstop
  • Windows 8 Metro style tablet app on XAML and C#
  • Dashboard for Automated Tests
- Java Swing, SwingX, JGoodies, SAF
  • Installer for Java Desktop App -
Advanced Installer, Swing, Java, Standalone
  • Video Producers App
- Java Swing, SwingX, SAF
  • Power Sayings 2010 - Java Swing,
JGoodies, SwingX, SAF, GUI, Desktop, Shareware
  • Domain Finder - Java Swing, SwingX,
JGoodies, SAF, Client, Software
  • Website for Jira Uploader Application
- Java Swing, SwingX, etc.
  • Java Swing, JIDE, SwingX for Data
Processing and Report Generation Software
  • Swing GUI using JGoodies libraries,
SwingX and more.
  • Usability and functional testing of the website


Education and Service

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Hierarchy of Skills

JavaFX, Java2D
Java Core, Java SE
Top skills Rich-client and desktop apps

JGoodies (Binding, Forms, Looks, and etc.)
Swing Application Framework, SwingX, JXLayer, JIDE
Swing Worker, Timing, Animated Transactions and Flamingo libs
IDEA, NetBeans, JFormDesigner, TestNG/JUnit, FEST, HtmlUnit, Ant, Maven
NSIS, Advanced Installer, wyUpdate, SVN, Git, TeamCity, Structure 101, UML, HTML, CSS
.NET, XAML, Cobertura, ProGuard, MS Visio, Virtual PC, Camtasia, Google Analytics, ClickTale
User interface design, Software architecture, Setup packages, Usability testing, UX, Prototyping

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